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      It's not just by chance that the Great and Good of this world have, since the mid eighteenth Century, chose Cannes as their holiday resort ! What other city can offer, all year round, such beautiful light, such a harmonious union of sea shores and wooded mountainsides, such lush vegetation, dazzling gardens suspended between the ultramarine sea and the azure sky, such a mild climate, air perfumed with a thousand fragances...

      The Romans settled here, Napoleon admired the town on his return from Elba and Lord Brougham, former Chancellor of England, bewitched by the beauty of the site and the hospitality and bouillabaisse provides by a local inn-keeper, built a magnificent residence here.
Cannes had been launched ! Millionaires, artists, writers and poets have confirmed its reputation. The warmth of its welcome and its Provenal roots make it a perfect holiday destination.

      From the "Palais des Festivals" in the west to the Port Pierre Canto in the east, the Croisette unrolls like a fresco in a symphony of colours. It boldy declares its elegance, with its luxury hotels, its Festival, its shops with their famous names...

      The rue d'Antibes
Just as coquettish as the Croisette, and parallel to it, it offers a host of showcases to enchant you when you go shopping : perfumeries, jewellers, florists, ready-to-wear, confectioners, tea shops...

Visit of the Iles de Lerins ; Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat

  • The Casinos
    • The Casino of the Palm Beach
    • The Casino des Princes
    • The Casino Croisette
  • The Tennis of Cannes (lightened)
  • The Palais de Festivals with its classic and modern concerts, the ballets, theatre
  • The open air flower market on the Alleys and Antique sellers
  • The famous place de lEtang
  • The stade des Hesprides where stands the Jumping of Cannes


Just 15 minutes away from Cannes lies a rich heritage of story and legend.

On the Ile Sainte-Marguerite stands the ancient Fort Royal, built under Richelieu and transformed by Vauban in the 17th century. You can visit the state prisons built by Louis XIV ans the cell of the Man in the Iron Mask. You can admire the wall paintings by Jean le Gac and study the important collection of undersea archeology in the Maritime Museum : amphorae, glass and ceramics. And you can simply stroll through the botanical gardens and the pine forests.

The Ile Saint-Honorat is famous for its monastery, its abbey and its castle. The monks still grow vines, rose-mary and lavender...

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